The future of financial advice

The future of financial advice requires successful consultation and sales processes. Weighed down by regulatory and other statutory requirements, the support of diversified portfolios is becoming more time and cost intensive. Banks must ensure in this case that they slim down their added-value and processes, so that they can become more competitive with lower costs.

We support you when implementing advice procedures for your online customers, the adviser or for hybrid advice in the omni-channel. A major advantage not only for the financial institution, but also for its customers.

Financial Advice Software

Customer and adviser connected any time and anywhere

Bank advice begins online

External Asset Management

Topics & Features in Financial Advice

We offer you standardised advice processes, which support the financial service providers with securities advice.

Portfolio advice

  • Customer profiles for private, corporate and institutional customers
  • Target-oriented portfolio recommendation based on strategic and tactical asset allocations
  • Rule-based investment lists and model portfolios
  • Broad monitoring of portfolios according to structure and risk
  • Establishing suitability and appropriateness
  • Automated advice logs ensure compliance

Financial planning

  • Integrated consideration of customer objectives with optional inclusion of portfolio advice
  • Retirement savings based on desired monthly income
  • Income protection based on liquidity need
  • Objective capital requirement with coverage by suitable portfolio allocation
  • Rule-based multiple increases in portfolios and recommendations
  • Configurable extrapolation of liquidity, assets and liabilities with gap calculation on the basis of allocated capital value cash flow

Customer Management

  • Central dashboard with all key customer information
  • Overviews of all client portfolios and finances at any desired level of detail
  • Cross-channel customer view with e-banking and social media data
  • Integrated customer-needs cockpit with status updates for all subject areas
  • Regular triggers for the adviser from self-defined follow-ups or centrally initiated campaigns

Bank advice begins online

  • Online profiling and portfolio advising
  • Online finance check with PFM
  • Online portfolio management
  • Social investment features
  • Telephone advice with co-browsing
  • Account aggregation
  • Self advice/ Robo Advisory

Hybrid Advice

Achieve continuity

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