Reliability and security for transactions right up to securities trading

The function and ability to transfer funds easily is vitally important and long overdue. Offer your customers the added value of easy peer-to-peer payments via smartphone, too. Together with our partners, OCEAN enables the integration of peer-to-peer payments into digital banking, e.g. via the OCEAN Portal app

Peer-to-Peer Payments

Transfers from Smartphone to Smartphone
  • From smartphone to smartphone

    Quickly and securely transfer money to friends and family members

  • Range of application

    Whether you’re at a concert, with the Italian next door or out shopping for you and your housemates

  • Send money

    Input amount > Select recipient > Send money


Payments and stock exchange trading

A wide range of individual features

Payments are at the heart of every virtual bank branch. In this process two factors require special consideration: The range of our services and their ease of use. OCEAN offers a particularly wide range of digital banking features.

With this comprehensive offering all of the features demanded by your retail and corporate customers are covered.

The Basis of Digital Banking

Some Details


Whether an individual payment, account transfer, standing order, DTA or SEPA transactions or direct debits: the clear presentation and simple operation make processing domestic and international payments simple, secure and fast.

10,000 Record in Min.

payments in a single step.

Stock Exchange

Many customers actively use the option of buying and selling securities via the online banking channel. A simple search helps the user find new securities, while you can trade existing securities directly from the custody account. All orders undergo a plausibility check and are shown in the order book for further processing. Furthermore, financial information from external providers can be displayed to provide a complete understanding.

Smartphone payment scanner

The PaymentScanner app turns the camera on smartphones into a scanner. No more tricky typing in of payment details. Payments recorded can then be processed further using online banking or, if a bank supports a mobile banking application, transmitted directly via Mobile Banking. Apart from the scanner function, the Portal app and Mobile Banking offer other advanced options.