Mobile First – an innovative approach

Mobile First is an innovative approach that OCEAN is currently using to drive their innovations forwards. Not only the optimisation of the user experience, taking the user context into account, but also the standardisation of the different screen formats and devices is a must today. The following figures give a good overview of how banking customers are performing their banking operations today.

Multi-device-enabled mobile banking

Complete your banking on the go – regardless of the time or the channel

Internet banking that is available at any time and, above all, anywhere. Right when you need it. And in precisely the right format and version. That is exactly what Mobile Banking from OCEAN does: optimised online banking on mobile channels. It’s like having a bank in your pocket, perfectly and securely integrated into your smartphone. Or in your briefcase, as a powerful solution for tablets.

Mobile Banking is used everywhere: at home, when commuting, on holiday, in business, in leisure time,…

Functions that a mobile banking system should provide:

  • access to information

    account, budget, market data, news

  • carry out transactions

    payments, e-invoices, stock exchange orders

  • communications with the bank

    advice and ‘push and pull’ support

  • context-dependent services

The current Mobile Banking puts the customer at the forefront of access to all information at many banks. However, OCEAN sees a very clearly increasing shift towards strengthened interaction and transaction.

gehärtete Wrapper App 500x350

Portal App – a hardened wrapper app

The hardening of the app offers additional security. It can also:

  • ensure access to Mobile Banking
  • activate the payment scanner
  • link a web page
  • make documents accessible

Touch ID – fingerprint recognition

  • act as an alternative to login with a user name and password
  • scan the fingerprint via the touch screen
  • complete use of Mobile Banking

Ask about our FaceID solution.

touchid with greybackground 500x350
mobile-banking-fototan 500x350

FotoTAN - Security using the camera

  • Transmission by the bank of a two-dimensional encrypted code (QR code)
  • Unique identification through included data
  • Receipt of access data through a photograph of the code and decipherment by the app

Secure, simple and convenient authentication!

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