The Future of Online Banking

More and more the internet offers a basis for handling all personal financial transaction processes. In the future customers will require tools to get an overview of the range of digital transactions via all channels and all devices. They want to manage their own finances. And they want to do so any time – any place – with any available device. That is what customers want in the digital age.

Online banking is still a central starting point for this. Personal finance management systems provide much more than classical online banking. In this way graphical analyses, categorisations and personal dashboards support the customer with an overview of their finances. Customers who use PFM use more bank products on average than other customers. Use the Customer Engagement Platform from OCEAN and offer your customers a transparent view of all of their finances.


Functionalities out of the box

Ready to integrate!

PFM Modules for Customers

Standard functions out of the box

We offer all banks a comprehensive PFM solution that is ready to install. Login, dashboard, onboarding, categorisation, account overview, evaluations and a detailed budget monitor. All of the standard functions according to the OCEAN UX design rules and are available in a responsive design.



  • Personal Financial Cockpit
  • All accounts & third-party accounts at a glance
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Clear menu navigation
  • Responsive design. Look & feel optimised for various screen sizes

Financial status

  • Integration of external accounts (multi-bank capability)
  • Graphic representation of all income/expenditures
  • Detailed views of assets, stocks, funds, etc.
  • Graphical view of overall profits/losses


  • Very high hit rate for automatic categorisation
  • Self-learning system
  • Manual modifications or recategorisation by customer possible
  • Transactions can be split
  • Keywords can be assigned/added

Evaluations & reports

  • Graphical view of all evaluations
  • Evaluations by categories are possible
  • One-click drill-down
  • Expenditure and income streams specified by date or key words
  • Latest turnover for external accounts
  • Latest categorisation of turnovers to external accounts

Portfolio performance

  • Detailed view of assets, stocks, funds, etc.
  • Graphical view of overall profits/losses
  • Evaluations according to portfolio or investment type


  • A stronger customer bond through optimised customer communication
  • Real-time implementation of marketing communication
  • Increase in customer value by considering their individual needs
  • Control of campaigns via the dashboard or optional placement in online banking
Client Onboarding-500x350

Client onboarding process

  • Registration process for prospects
  • Access to specific information or services of the bank
  • Prospective customer bonding and transformation to a customer

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