Trend Signals in Retail Banking

To be successful in the retail-banking marketplace in the future there is no option that does not involve promoting digitisation in your business model. Trends should be adopted and banks have to show courage and cannot wait. The decisive difference is in their interaction with customers. This is where market differentiation happens and this is where the bank wins market share. The solutions from OCEAN focus on this and offer a highly flexible user interface for the maximum market differentiation.

Stand out in the marketplace and use the strengths of a successful partner.

4 Foundations for Success for Tomorrow’s Digital Banking!


Make the right offers in the right channels at the right time


Offer your customer a unique online banking experience


Align your processes to your customers and make the customer your focus


Accompany the customer on their journey through the world of digital banking

Successfully implemented projects

We feel at home in standard retail banking. Give yourself an overview of banks who are already on the digital path and who will expand further in this direction together with OCEAN.

I-Society® 4.0


First Online Banking software of Ocean Software Technologies.

Pench Tiger


First Government of Maharashtra project of Ocean Software Technologies.

Trend Topics in Retail Banking

Customer Engagement Banking


In the age of engagement banking the concern is with focussing on the customer, getting to know them better and providing the right information and features at the right time and via the right channel to them on their journey.

  • Customer analysis
  • Personalised campaigns
  • Next best offer
  • Personal Finance Management

Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking is more than mobile online banking. Customers expect more now than just transaction support. It is far more a matter of strengthening the customer relationship by increasing interaction between the customer and the bank.

  • Online Banking
  • Online Brokerage
  • Touch ID
  • Peer-to-Peer Payments